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Dani Tight
The Great WhiteHouse Orgy
It turns out the New World Order keeps baby mills where they artificially inseminate women with Pindar's and other Leaders sperm from the Illuminati. That is where I came from; I later found out Uncle George is my real Daddy and my mother was killed during one of the G-8 Sexual Rituals. That sick fuck gets off by Raping and sodomizing his own Children, Boys and Girls alike. I too have been used to...
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Who I Want As Friends
they say "choose your friends carefully" and i'm very selective in who i want as friends. it might b why i have no real friends in person, but i want good friends n would rather b alone than have many false friends. i really want to find real good in person friends to spend time with for friendship n human companionship. i'm very introverted n like to stay in, but get so lonely i wish i had good r...
Lonely & Confused
i'm so lonely & confused. another yer gone an i'm still a virgin. i never met anyone that was sexy enough, that i knew well enough an felt comfortable enough to xplore any sexual activities with who would accept me, encourage me & help me xplore my sexuality to see what i like to do or don't like to do. all i know is that since i was 4 i loved to sissify & feminize myself the best i could when i w...
Nathan Miracle
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Too soon for sex?
My husband passed June 1st, and i have tried dating some. Being 45, I still have a high sex drive and have become intimate with one man on occasion. It feels good to be touched and made love to, yet I feel some guilt. Feel hubby would have wanted me to be happy. Thoughts???...