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Alex personal upskirt stalker
Alex personal upskirt stalker Bill: We were having a romantic walk by the beach, we were walking through the Boardwalk Bridge, on the center of the boardwalk there was a magic streets show going on, we decided to watch the performance. Within the crowd there was a man with a black bag, carry it around by his hand with the strap, he made his way behind Alex, places his bag between Alex thigh, insi...
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What is an Eclectic Dominant(Who I am?)
In hindsight I've been a Dominant from the moment I first opened my eyes. My first experience was too only sleep one hour a day for the first three years, out of curiosity/boredom, for I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I question the universe? In the past many people have kind of ignored my curiosity and thought It was just more meaningless words that others seem to fill their profiles wi...
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My secret is that 9 years ago while I was living in Daytona Beach I met this young guy at the park. He was very feminine and young and was wearing tight gym shorts. I was smoking a joint and he asked me if he could smoke with me. I told him sure thing and we started talking. After a while I asked him if he was gay. And he told me he wasn't really sure, but, he finally admitted he had sucked his fr...
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Can't find love? Do you only want excitement? Are you m...
Hey everyone! I am an Asian model escort at Naughty Shemales in London. At our agency we understand that it's not easy to find love, not only this but it's also not easy to even find a little bit of fun in your area. We are too often told that you must wait for the right person to come along, but where can we find them? Is it worth the wait? Our philosophy at Naughty Shemales is that by booking ...
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Diary of an Escort: The first hour
Its that time again, as i pull my stockings up and attach them to my suspenders i wonder what the evening will hold this time. Will he be sexy and tempt me into wanting to rush our meal and jump into bed with him or will he be the guy who craves company so much the evening consists of him talking about his day.. his life. My friends have no idea what i do with my evenings when i am not with them, ...
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